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Our CSR (corporate social responsibility) include and will include the following projects:


One World Centre

Papuan Star (PS) cooperates with Yapikbi to build One World Centre in Biak. This will be the place for activists around the world to meet and work together in building peace.


Women Capacity Enhancement

PS suppors Women Theater 'Orchide Papua' in Biak in its efforts to participate in various regional and international festivals.


Children & Youth Capacity Enhancement

PS supports Yapikbi (Biak Youth Foundation) by co-financing its activities.


Environment & Health

  1. PS supports Yapikbi for a project to provide and disseminate written information to the public on negative impact of trash mismanagement.
  2. PS supports Yapikbi for a project to plant some 100 manggrove trees for conservation and fishery purposes. This project will start in May 2014.

>> together we can make peace <<