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About Us

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In-cooperated Social and Entreprenual Business for Peace.



- Enhancing commercial profit of PS (Papuan Star).

- Establishing cooperation among entrepreneurs for fair economy.

- Empowering the Economy of Grass-Roots Communities.

- Developing Renewable Energy Projects for Rural Communities.


Keys of Success

-  Access to Markets: Establishing and maintaining cooperation with other companies operating in the same area.

-  Access to Technology: Modern facilities and equipments will be utilised using high technology systems operated by skilled personnel. [Some office facilities and field equipments are already available].

-  Management: Reliable manpower with great professionalism will be employed to handle managerial operations such as production, controlling, risk management, material resource management, finance and marketing. 


Company Ownership

Papuan Star is a private, family owned company.


Company History

SP operated on a narrow margin. Providing trainings to NGOs and humanitarian activists is not such a big profit-making business. SP dealt with social development that is indeed an investment for economic development thereafter.


Company, Legality and Location

Papuan Star (abbreviated to PS) is a Limited Partnership (CV – Commanditaire Vennootschaap) that undertakes social and entreprenual activities. PS was officially established on 29 August 2005 with registered Notarial Deed No 14 and Number Mains Taxpayer 2.0003330.03.15 whose registered address is Kampung Manswam, Biak (Papua), Indonesia.