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1. Office Stationery & Supplies

Providing office stationery and supplies to local municipal offices, private companies, schools, stores, shops, etc.


2. Fishery

We catch fish from the sea by using outboard motor canoe and nets. Fish is sold at local markets. We are planning to sell fish to hinterland regions and to mining company Freeport McMoran in Timika.


3. Tourism

We provide information and transport (car and motorbike) to tourists. We are planning to build a bungaloo for tourist travelling on limited budget which will be for IND 100,000 / US$ 8.6 / Euro 6.2 a day. Motorbike, IND 100,000 a day. Person Car (5 passangers) for touring is IND 400,000 a day. [today, 02 May 2014, the bungaloo is not built yet]

There are two night flights of 7 hours journey with boeings from Jakarta to Biak that are Garuda Indonesian Air Ways (GIA) and Sriwijaya Air (SA). Depart from Jakarta at about 11:00 p.m  - 00:00 p.m and arrive in Biak at 5:00 - 6:00 a.m local time with one 1 hour stop in Makassar (South Sulawesi/Celebes). You can also fly from different parts in Indonesia to Biak, but transit in Makassar. Take off from Makassar to Biak with GIA or SA at 00:00 - 1:00 a.m.

We provide information on hotels in other towns in Papua and West Papua provinces.


4. Organisation Capacity Building

We give trainings to NGOs (non-governmental organisations) in Organisational Capacity Buillding (OCB). OCB consist of Project Circle (includes identification/survey and project design), Organisation and Strategic Planning, Proposal Writing and Fundraising, Financial Management, Public Relation, Effective Meeting, Evaluation Methods, etc.




Papua and West Papua provinces in Indonesia are rich in natural resources but still lack of infrastructure and profesional manpower.
Foreign (capital) investment is needed and our company (Papuan Star) is willing to be a partner in exploring opportunities and develop new businesses.
AIR TRANSPORT in these two provinces is one of the prospective business sector.

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